Check out my newest upload, inspired by The Amazing Digital Circus! This one was a lot of fun to write and perform, especially the hook. I wasn't even going to make this song originally because I couldn't nail down what I wanted from a production stand-point, but when Sorei hit me up and sent me some BANGER instrumentals, I knew what I had to do. The song is obviously about the characters and themes of Digital Circus, but it's also about feeling trapped in the digital space generally. As someone who's livelihood, hobbies, and social life is predominantly online, I had a LOT to talk about. This kind of song works better if it's around the 2 minute mark though in my opinion, so I kept it brief haha. I hope you enjoy it!

Producer, rapper, songwriter, live performer, content creator, and pink bear. Shwabadi is a one man army in the Nerdcore scene, known for high-energy vocals, bass heavy production, and an unmistakable personality both in and outside of his music.

Shwabadi has made a name for himself with his hard-hitting songs about the characters and themes from his favourite anime and mangas, video games, movies, and even mythology. He also has several personal projects to his name, spanning multiple genres and moods, from the dark and intense Were-Bear Part 2 to the heart-breaking and introspective Songs for Ghosts.


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